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Missing ADIO Analog input

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  • Missing ADIO Analog input

    My ADIO-100 works fine on HS2, but when I switch it over to HS3 on the same machine, it loses input #3 (just reads 0 volts), while all the rest are fine. Move back to HS2 and input #3 works fine again. Seems like a problem in the HS3 Plug-In. I need all 8 analog inputs so I can't just switch to a different input.

    Anybody else have this problem or found a solution to it?

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    Missing ADIO Analog Input - Solved

    Realized that the voltage on that particular input was greater than 5 volts. Since the plugin creates status graphics with the range 0 to 5 volts, a level from 5.01 to 10 displays as blank. The internal value was correct, only the display is wrong. I simply changed the range to 0-10 instead of 0-5 and it now displays correctly.

    I also had to change the Com Speed to 115,200 baud to get it to talk to HS3 as discussed in other threads. This is weird since the device has not changed from HS2 where it wants to be 9600 baud. Not sure how they got that mixed up in HS3...