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  • ADIO questions

    I just installed an ADIO. I enabled an analog input put its not showing up in my devices. The digital output that I turned on works fine.

    Second question, how much current can the 5vdc supply outputs source? I want to know if it can power my 5V relay board. The board needs 20mA per relay. 8 relays are on the board.

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    5v output current

    internal to the ADIO, there is a 7805 regulator. They typically can regulate about .5amp with proper heatsink, there is no heatsink however.
    My guess is about .25A (250mA)

    But you can use a 12v powered relay PCB and power it from the "unreg" terminal, it will bypass loading the 5v line.
    It will still work with the 5v triggers into the relay pcb.

    (the only difference between arduino type relay boards of the 5v vs 12v variety are the relays themselves, the actual electronics are the same)