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ADIO+Windows 10+HomeSeer

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  • ADIO+Windows 10+HomeSeer

    I'm currently running Homeseer on Windows 7 32bit with my ADIO-100 (happily). At some point i'm sure i'll be forced to upgrade to Windows 10; are there any experiences with the ADIO100 using windows 10?

    Of course the deciding factor here is probably driver support for the Virtual Serial Ports Emulator, from these fine folks:

    used to control:

    that is connected to the ADIO-100

    No Windows 10 compatibility shown. Looking for experiences. thanks!


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    I was able to get it to work with the software from these guys:

    TBH, while I don't have a ton of experience messing with Serial over LAN, it was kind of a PITA.. not to mention having another application to run/maintain on the HS Server.

    No issues with ADIO over direct COM on Windows 10 .. I'm using an HP laptop and am lucky enough to have a physical serial port -- but I've been playing with an AP800 so I needed the virtual setup.