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Wiring PIRs Up To ADIO

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  • Wiring PIRs Up To ADIO

    Guys, quick thing to get me on track here as my old HV died.

    I have an ADIO all connected and seems just fine but I'm clearly being dim since I cannot figure out how the old PIRs connected to HV are connected to the ADIO.

    They are standard 12V affairs with a ground and signal for the trigger on the PIRs, all bar one are the same deal.

    What I have is a 12V supply on a ring in effect that powers all the PIRs.

    Then I had a common ground on the old HV for them all in each bank of ports so, eight PIRs would equate to eight grounds on the same terminal.

    Then the signal on each port for each individual PIR.

    The question is, to replicate that in HS using the ADIO how is it best to connect them up and get HV to see the changes on the ports?



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    Don't know if you got your answer.

    To use security system style PIR sensors with the ADIO-100 is pretty easy.

    The PIR usually has 6 wires.


    Two terminals for motion.

    Two terminals for tamper. You can ignore these unless you want an alarm if someone opens the PIR cover and "tampers" with it.

    You can connect all the PIRs to +12v and ground either with individual runs to the power or from one PIR to the other in daisy-chain style.

    For the motion terminals, you should, as you said, connect one terminal from each PIR all together and connect them to the ADIO GND terminal on the Digital Input terminal strip. Then you connect the remaining motion terminal from each PIR separately to one of the Digital Input terminals on the ADIO.

    These PIRs usually have the relay contact closed when there is no motion so they will pull the digital input low and it shows OFF. When motion happens the relay opens, the input goes high and it shows ON.

    Hope this helps.