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Feature request : Servo limit

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  • Feature request : Servo limit


    Greig can you please set the servo limit in the plugin to a HIGHER number.

    Previously it was 8 and i was using 8 servo on one board.

    I recently updated to the last version and i am now limited to 6.

    (have to use 2 board :/ )

    As i said in response to a previous post about servo jitter:
    i have modified the Servo library to use Hardware generated servo command on the Mega2560

    The modified library work extremly well (absolutely no movement in the servo at any time)

    (with the normal library the servo are constantly moving by a few degree)

    Due to hardware limitation i can only do this with 9 servo and only on pin 2 3 5 6 7 8 44 45 46

    anyway the "normal" servo library you are providing can do up to 12 servo even on a UNO board

    why are you limiting us to 6 ?

    i think it would be very easy and fast to set the limit to 9 or 12 or whatever

    Please sir , can you make it happen so i dont have to use 2 board where it is not needed

    Best regards

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    The reason for the servo limit is memory on the boards. I will have a look and see if I can up the limit but I think I was pushing it as it is.
    I would use the other library but if it will not work on the uno then I can not do this.
    You would be better using the API if you want to use more servos.

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      I am not an arduino programming expert , but i dont see how it affect memory on the board

      Are you talking about the size of the sketch ?

      because for what i understand the only change needed in the sketch is this:

      //*****************************Servo Setup***************************
      #include <Servo.h>
      byte ServoPinArray[6] = {0};
      //*****************************Servo Setup***************************
      #include <Servo.h>
      byte ServoPinArray[9] = {0};
      change the '6' to '9' and it is OK right ? the only limitation is in the plugin itselft that dont allow more than 6 ?

      the library can be choosen by the end user with absolutely no problem :
      --> if normal library : up to 9 servo on ANY pin on ANY board
      --> if hardware library : up to 9 servo on pin 2 3 5 6 7 8 44 45 46 and ONLY on MEGA board

      No change needed in the sketch , you just have to replace the library in the Arduino IDE folder

      by default the end user have the normal library
      and maybe you can add information about better servo library and pin limitation in the help file

      For the API , i dont think i am good enough in sketch creation from scratch to use it :/

      Thank you very much