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    First off. Thanks a million for this plugin. Makes things stupid simple to setup.

    I bought a Mega 2560 and have it down in my server room. I am doing home runs from all the random sensors I want to install and right now only have a few, but can see quickly this is going to be a wiring nightmare shortly. What are others doing to keep things clean with these mega units?

    Also I have a separate power supply I am going to use to run the 5 volts back to the sensors that need it instead of pulling from the arduino board and curious how others are doing this as well and keeping things neat.

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    Hi There

    I think its going to depend on inputs v's outputs. Relay boards are simple for outputs. For inputs, yes that is going to get a touch messier as inputs are either wired to gnd or +5v.

    Possibly make up your own I/O boards with terminal strips that then wire to the arduino ?

    I'm about to cross that bridge myself with inputs as I am hoping to mount this one onto the wall this weekend.

    For the RGB PWM outputs I made my own boards that are wired to the Arduino. Relay boards are self explanatory . Inputs in my case will have pull ups and will go low to trip so I'm going to have to wire most inputs to gnd.....

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