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  • Possible Application for Arduino Plugin

    I have not used this plugin yet as I don't have my Arduino board yet, it's on order. This is a question of how or if this plugin will fit my application.

    My application is to monitor my water meter that is about a mile away from the house. I had a pretty large leak (> 100k gallons) in the water line that went undetected until the meter was read and I got a call from the meter reader that the meter was counting very rapidly. He shut off the water for me. It took a few days but I found the leak and it is now repaired.

    So to prevent such an event in the future I am going to use an Arduino board with a 915 MHz LoRa radio shield. This unit will be at the water meter site. The water meter in place is already using AMR (automatic meter reading) RF technology. I am going to sniff the packet that the meter is transmitting every 7 seconds to determine which of the two possible AMR protocols is being used. Once I have that piece of information figured out, I can then get the latest meter reading and re-transmit that to my house over the LoRa link. At the house a second Arduino will be used with another LoRa radio shield that will receive the latest meter count. That count will be a running total in the arduino but now I want to make that count available to HS3. In HS3 I will add the latest count to a SQL database and then plot the consumption over a specified time period. Then if I detect an abnormally high count over that specified period, HS3 will alert me via email, text, voice, whatever I choose.

    So that's the idea. Can this HS3 arduino plugin get access to a water meter count variable that is being kept up in the arduino?

    RF shields will be here next week. The local utility company is aware of my plans and in fact may loan me a water meter with the AMR technology to debug at home. This is a very rural county and water leaks are a real problem.

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    The standard Arduino setup will not be able to do this but the plugin has an API mode that you can add your own code to then populate a device in HS3 with the data from the Arduino so you could use this in your home based Arduino board.

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      Thanks for that quick reply. I was hoping that would work.