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Possible bug in IP API .ino

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  • Possible bug in IP API .ino

    The project I'm working on at the moment has 15 API outputs sending setup data to the Arduino board, which needs to run independently and uses an RTC for time keeping. It compares the RTC with the HS clock and resets it if the time is more than 4 minutes different.

    I'd tested the sketch and all seemed to be working OK, so I left it running to check that it didn't disconnect. After a couple of days running the times were several hours different. After some investigation I found that the highest 5 API outputs from Homeseer were generating nonsense.

    After a lot of trial and error and head scratching I decided to alter the line

    int FromHS[10];

    in the first "Do Not Change Anything" section to

    int FromHS[15];

    The higher 5 outputs then started sending correct data.

    My guess is that this tells the Arduino how many HS outputs to expect and if there are more outputs than expected the values will be undefined. If that's so then the plugin should change the value in the "int FromHS[]" statement to reflect the number of defined outputs, but it seems to be fixed at 10.

    I'm probably wrong and open to correction, but there does seem to be some sort of issue.

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    Yes you are correct with this. I need to change it to 50 as there is a max of 50 inputs and outputs in the API mode. I will change this in the next build.

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