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Best way to realize this application with arduino plugin?

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  • Best way to realize this application with arduino plugin?


    I'm new to this plugin but I have some experience with Arduino,
    the application I would like to realise is a specific one for my house's lighting.
    I would like to use Arduino as a more flexible (and much cheaper) alternative to those Z-Wave light switches.
    That means using an existing light switch or button as an input to Arduno to turn on/off the lights (using a relay board) and at the same time allowing home automation control to that.
    Basically like one of those existing Z-Wave module with input for an external switch, but with the possibilities of an Arduino (for example 8 or more light controllable with one unit).

    What I need is this device to work even if the HS server is not reachable.
    That would imply implementing the logic of the input/output control into the Arduino's sketch instead of using HS Events.

    What's the best way to realize this?
    I've seen there's an API mode in the plugin, is this the way to follow?


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