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Arduion ver output pin problems

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    Originally posted by enigmatheatre View Post
    Some more free time in my life away from my work
    Yes, can relate to that, why does the fun stuff have to suffer for a thing called work ?

    Originally posted by enigmatheatre View Post
    I will try and get some more testing done on this but I have not seen it on my system and have tested for this in the past. I may need to get your full HS config so I can run it on my Development system and find the problem.
    If you want to I can setup an online meeting with desktop sharing so you can have access to my system to further investigate, let me know.

    Luckily the problem is consistent and reproducible which will make troubleshooting (a little) easier, additionally we exactly know when it happened (after updating from to so the answer lies somewhere in the modifications between the two versions. As said before the update it ran stable for months and we did not have this issue.

    Let me know what you need and how I can help! I really love the plugin and with this problem I realized how my HS system is depending on it....

    Keep up the good work!


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      Additional info

      I just hooked up a new MEGA board and checked on other existing one.

      Configured PIN 41 as an output and noticed the same behavior as RK15 is seeing:
      1. The LED connected to 41 continuously produces a very soft/short flash
      2. Every time you click ON, OFF, BLINK, ONE FLASH or TOGGLE on the device control it turns the output ON and OFF (one Flash, 0.5-1 sec)
      3. The length of the flash varies every time you click a control
      4. Changing the OUTPUT time does not affect the length of the pulse

      I have tried other outputs on this new board, they all work fine and can be controlled from HS.

      So now I have 5 boards, all MEGA. For 3 of them output 41 continuously stays high, two of them show the same behavior as reported by RK15.


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        Originally posted by petez69 View Post

        A lot of us read these threads with interest to see what others are doing and some weirdness we might run into.

        Thanks for all you do, for me especially I wouldnt use HS if it werent for the Arduino plugin....

        Back to "listening mode" :-)

        Thanks Pete,

        Your words mean alot.

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          Hi Greig,

          any news to report on this? Let me know if there is anything I can provide you with to troubleshoot.


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            Just discovered this post...
            New to the plugin, ver, I had to quit trying to use pin 41 on a new genuine UNO as an input, and thought the board was damaged ...
            There are so many pins on this board, I just switched to 42.
            I did not have any problem for other pins.
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