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Arduino Device reliability & Ceiling Fan - Remote Control Hack

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  • Arduino Device reliability & Ceiling Fan - Remote Control Hack

    Hello, I have recently gotten interested in Arduino and know very little about them yet. The idea seems great in that you can create a lot of different solutions yourself, however I thought I would check with you all about how they compare to ready made devices off the shelf? (Assuming you can find an off the shelf solution) Is Arduino as reliable? I would assume some of that depends on the quality of the assembler and design/programming.

    Has anyone come up with a good solution to control a Hunter/Hampton Bay ceiling fan via Arduino yet? I've seen a few threads on other forums of others that have started to hack a remote control for their ceiling fan but without a posted solution. I've seen the Insteon ceiling fan controller but one of my ceiling fans has two separate lights, one on the top of the blades and one below with separate controls and I'm thinking the Insteon would only control one of the lights. (Assuming it's comparable with my ceiling fan)

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