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My first project - multi-sensor

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    Originally posted by bpm32 View Post
    I have built several units similar to this for around my home using PIR sensors from Amazon. (Not sure of the specific seller) I experience the same issue as you (albeit on a different time variance than you) and attributed it to the wifi chip on the NodeMCE causing interference that is detectable by the PIR.

    A couple different solutions:
    1. Put the wifi chip to sleep until the unit detects motion. This slows reporting down as wifi reconnection isn't instantaneous.
    2. Move the PIR off board by no less than a foot. This seems to get it out of the wifi field.

    Aluminum foil wrapped between the PIR and the wifi chip may help, but that wasn't my experience.

    Congratulations on your project - I think you'll love it. I really do like how mine came out. I even 3D printed custom boxes for mine. They look slick... if I do say so myself.


    Let's see pics of your printed boxes!!!
    I still do not have a 3d printer but it would be neat to have one
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      I did make it by the Container Store today. They do have several plastic boxes that would work for projects. Some were priced fairly and some seemed overpriced. I bought one that costs $2.50 which is roughly the same size as the one pictured at the start of this thread.


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        As of now, I have built 3 of the multi-sensor nodes. All have connected to the plugin with zero problems. I think I now have a good base to work from in terms of proto board, power supplies and main nodeMCU. Here are some pics of building the last one. Generally I am pretty pleased. Note that the three main headers may not look like the same number of pins. They really are the same. The female headers are not 'breakaway'. I nip them with my wire cutters but I have found the best way is to cut directly over a pin. That leaves a bit on each side of the nip. If it mattered, I should sand/grind them the same length. Only aesthetic though.
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