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How to detect if the LCD Backlight is ON/OFF

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  • How to detect if the LCD Backlight is ON/OFF

    I am updating my LCD panels if device values change but also have a motion sensor that controls the backlight.

    I like to stop updating the text on the LCD if the backlight is off. I tried to use the Status and Value of the LCD:Line-1 device but cannot figure out what is happening. It seems the behavior is not consistent and most of the time the value is just 100 regardless if the display is on or off. Off course I can use a virtual device but rather include a condition that is directly based on the device value.

    Can somebody explain the different values for the Line-1 device?

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    While the control devices are on the LCD Line 1 device there is no status return for the LCD backlight. The only way I could track it is to have a virtual device that I change status whenever I control the LCD backlight. There are 2 events that change the LCD backlight whenever the status of the virtual device is changed. I have made any event that controls the backlight use the virtual device rather than directly controlling it with the line 1 controls to make sure they stay in sync.
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