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Intermittent Plugin failure on last couple betas

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  • Intermittent Plugin failure on last couple betas


    I've been getting a fairly regular failure of the plugin - it happens anywhere from once per day to once per 3 days - so hard to track down. Once this happens all other events that access arduino devices (ie lots of events and hstouch) also hang - if I am not there when it happens to recycle immediately it eventually crashes all of homeseer. tracking all debug info kills me since it happens so infrequently - can you propose any critical data I can leave on for an extended period of time? I am currently on version .142

    20:54:07 Warning Plugin Arduino Plugin is not responding but it is still running, not restarting yet.
    20:54:03 Error Calling HSEvent in plugin Arduino Plugin, Instance :Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    I captured the event in the log file - turns out that in the space of 1 second, all 4 of my arduinos went into the disconnected state - although debug continued to show data coming from them - here is the log extract spanning 3 seconds

    "Data Received:1 API 22 0.24 "
    "Data Received:1 API 23 0.43 "
    "Data Received:2 API 5 34 "
    "Disconnected from Board No:1 at ip address X.X.X.W Port No:55101"
    "Disconnected from Board No:2 at ip address X.X.X.X Port No:55100"
    "Data Received:2 API 4 18.22 "
    "Disconnected from Board No:3 at ip address X.X.X.Y Port No:55103"
    "Data Received:2 API 1 1.89 "
    "Disconnected from Board No:4 at ip address X.X.X.Z Port No:55104"
    "Data Received:2 API 2 1.57 "
    "Data Received:2 API 3 14.88 "
    "Data Received:3 API 22 1 "
    "Data Received:4 API 38 13.03 "
    "Data Received:3 API 22 0 "
    "Data Received:1 API 26 0 "
    "Data Received:1 API 22 0.22 "
    "Data Received:1 API 23 0.41 "
    "Data Received:3 API 22 1 "
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