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Recap Beta 142 - process crashes daily

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  • Recap Beta 142 - process crashes daily

    I wanted to recap my latest issue running beta 142, I saw the same issue on the previous beta but didn't troubleshoot until after upgrading to 142. The issue is the process crashes, the arduinos all disconnect at the same time and I get "Calling HSEvent in plugin Arduino Plugin, Instance :Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". This cascades and crashes hstouch and my events requiring me to restart homeseer - a big deal - help!

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    Update: After my 5/17 failure I enabled full logging and have a homeseer web window open continuously monitoring the log file - so I'm over 72 hours without a failure which is better than the 18-24 hr beat rate - continuing to monitor


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      On 5/23 I had not seen any failures in a week so I disabled "all" logging - and within 6 hours the process had crashed. I am reenabling "all" logging to reproduce the situation.