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WIFI multiple extenders changes MAC on nodeMCU

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  • WIFI multiple extenders changes MAC on nodeMCU

    I'm using the plugin with the API sketch on nodeMCU units with wifi. I have one location that is quite far away. To get there, I have to go thru two wifi extenders before I get to the main network. With my laptop, it works fine for browsing. Maybe a bit slower but still acceptable. When I try with an Arduino configured to talk to the that extender, it is never able to connect to the plugin.

    I've done some research and it seems that if you have an extender running off another extender, the mac address of units connected to the second extender get changed.

    If this is true and since the mac address is configured into the plugin for that board, is the plugin checking that mac address and refusing to talk since it is different? Or are return messages from the plugin not being received?

    Any ideas as to what is going on?