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Arduino from a smartphone

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  • Arduino from a smartphone

    If I wanted to point my team towards a site that could guide us to learn how to control an Arduino from a smartphone does anyone have any suggestions? we want to monitor digital and analog status, create an APP for the phone ...


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      There is lots of variables here and as the arduino is a vast platform of all different types of devices (some with embedded networking, some without, some with BTLE, some without etc) id say it is difficult to point to a one step guide.

      If you wanted local then you could look at BTLE and a BTLE app, if you wanted network you could look at an existing IoT solution like the ones offered by Particle. If you went with a particle device (and these are the only ones I have experience with you must understand) then there is a greater degree of simplicity because it is just HTTP calls rather than getting your head around BTLE or such. Then I'd wonder whether you truly needed an app or could get away with a basic app and something like a WebView control.
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