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Why I like Arduino and nodeMCU

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  • Why I like Arduino and nodeMCU

    I really like to build things. My whole career was basically building things. Since retiring, I can pick and choose what I want to build. First it was security so I learned all about and installed Blue Iris with multiple cameras. Tweaked that quite a bit for my needs. Worked great. Next I resurrected my interest in home automation. I had tried it about 10 years ago with Insteon devices and a now defunct piece of software. It was way to unstable to use. I abandoned it. Found HomeSeer a short while back and it kindled that interest in HA. Installed HS3, tied it to the BI security system, build a nice HSTouch app for my phone and several tablets. I had been able to reuse my old Insteon equipment for the most part so I'm Insteon based. No z-wave. I got most of my lights under Insteon/HS3 control as well as added a couple of Insteon wireless motion sensors. Those sensors are not cheap. Wanted to 'sense' some other things such as temp/humidity/light/CO2/leak/doors/windows. There really aren't Insteon sensors that do those things. There is a new one but it is way expensive. I learned about Auduino and started research. It sounded very promising. I worked with sensors and found it inexpensive and straight forward. Then I started looking to see how I could connect to HS3. That search lead me to the nodeMCU and Greig's plugin. He wasn't supporting the nodeMCU at the time but it was in his plan and he did recently deliver that support (Thanks Greig!). It works. Tons of potential. I've done several projects and they have been in real usage for weeks. They work. Real low cost too compared to the manufactured ones. Not pretty but they work. I especially like the nodeMCU for its wifi. I live in a log house and running new wires is the last thing I want to do.

    I started with the base nodeMCU sketch. It worked for simple things but some of the things I wanted to do were not supported yet. Greig suggested I look at the API version. It is just what I wanted. I have full control over each sensor or output and it is easy to update HS3 devices. Those devices are then accessed either thru events or my HSTouch app.

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    I like NodeMCU a lot too!
    My latest fabrication is a "LED visualizer for piano", based on a NodeMCU board and a RGB LED strip.

    all the details (in french) are here: