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Setting up first Ethernet connection with Arduino Plugin

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  • Setting up first Ethernet connection with Arduino Plugin

    I'm trying to get my first Arduino temp sensor working and have followed Greig's setup guide here:

    When I connect via com port it works fine and the A0 pin is showing the temp in Homeseer.

    I've added a W5100 ethernet shield (I want wired not wireless), I plugged in an ethernet cable and all the lights flash but I can't get it to connect and and can't ping the shield.
    Actually, I'm not really sure how to set the IP address.

    On line 56 of the Arduino sketch I see an IP address is set. Should I change this line to set the IP for my ethernet shield, does the shield get an IP from my DHCP server or is the IP set some other way?
    And should I set the MAC address for my shield too?

    Thanks for a great plugin,

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    The plugin should handle all of the set up for you. In the plugin config page change the board connection from your comport number to IP and then change the required IP and port if you require. You will now have to download the new sketch from the plugin page to the board in the same way you did before but the plugin will have set this up to be IP.
    As a heads up there are some pins you can not use with the Ethernet shield in place so check this out.


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      Ah, thanks. That's so obvious now that you point it out.
      Working now.