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Arduino API: No Outputs

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  • Arduino API: No Outputs

    I need to control some fans with an Arduino. So I have light on, light off, fan off, fan on, fan speed 1, fan speed 2, fan speed 3. I have the program for this but now I need to integrate it into HS using the Arduino plugin. I created a board of type Arduino API. Then I added 10 API Output (5 fans each with an On/Off and a 'dimmable'(fan speed) output). However, the don't show up under Device Management. I thought they should be showing up there.

    I also created an equal number of Inputs because I want to be able to report 'results' back. Interestingly, the "Input No" always seems to start with the number 1 but the "Output No" always starts with the number "0". That's easy to handle but why is one 0-indexed and one 1-indexed? Am I doing something wrong?