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Tested Wemos D1 mini for longer range wifi

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  • Tested Wemos D1 mini for longer range wifi

    I have quite a few wireless nodeMCUs scattered around my property. One is about 200 feet from the house. It is a ESP8266 nodeMCU with built in antenna. It does work but the wireless has been measuring at -87 to -90 dBm so I know it is marginal.

    Somebody suggested that I try the Wemos D1 mini pro since it has a port for an external antenna. I got one a couple of days ago and tested it this morning. Took it to the far location. The nodeMCU was running at -87 dBm. Powered up the Wemos D1 mini and it measured at -74 dBm. Nice improvement.

    No changes were needed in the sketch. Just change the board type in the IDE before compiling and loading.

    To use the external antenna (there is a built in internal one), you do need to do a mod on the board. Here is a video explaining.

    If you need more range, this is a board that might help you out.