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Crazy operating buttons! Solved.

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  • Crazy operating buttons! Solved.

    I have a device I built that has 4 buttons. It is supposed to be just like another device I have that has 6 buttons. The 4 button version has never worked well since I built it. It just acted crazy. Today I decided I was going to figure it out and I did. It is now operating well.

    The buttons I have been using are sourced on eBay from China. I've gotten several orders and they work pretty good. I have had 3 that were just flat defective. They would not easily push and would stick. I threw them away. These buttons are NO (normally open) with a momentary close. I've coded for that.

    After much testing, finally got it isolated to one button. Metered it. Dang, it is the wrong type. Well, turns out I got a button thrown in that is NC (normally closed). Into the trash. Replaced button and all is well.

    Lesson learned is to meter your buttons.