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  • NodeMcu API sketch

    I am somewhat confused by the following...

    In the arduino NodeMcu API configuration page, I have configured 1 api input device. In the update field, I can choose Value, String, or Value & String. If I want to change both, how do I do it in the sketch? Also, I looked at the created sketch code, and the SendToHS function has only 4 definitions. Integer, double, float, & long. No "string" type. So even it I chose just the "string" in the update field, how do I send a new string?

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    I can tell you how I have been using Value and String.

    Here are two examples:

    For temp side of the DHT11, it returns an integer. When I configured the input device, I said value and string. In the string portion, in configuration, I said " Deg F". So when I look at the device, I see something like 77 Deg F. I can use it in HSTouch too.

    Same for humidity. The string contains " % Hum".

    I've never tried to set the string with SendToHS.

    Hope that makes sense.