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Blink and Flash don't work from events

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  • Blink and Flash don't work from events

    I spent almost 2 days trying to get the release plugin that is in the updater to work, but I had major problems with it! Uninstalled everything and loaded Beta and it seems to work ALMOST as it should. In the Device Management page, when I hit the blink or flash buttons, they only work about 70-80% of the time. Sometimes I have to hit the button multiple times to activate an output. Flash seems to be the most buggy and it only fires a programmed output occasionally. For the flash function, I have created a work-around event where if an input on board 1 is activated by an event, I turn ON a pin driving a buffered relay on board two, then I add a wait event of .2 seconds and then an OFF statement. This, at least, works every time.
    Any ideas?

    Running HS3.0.0.368 on Windows 10.0.15063
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    further Blink and Flash and other observations

    There appears to be a issue with with mixing inputs and outputs on the same Arduino board when two event actions requiring both are closely timed, like say a doorbell. Lets say, on a single board, pin 2 is an input and pin 6 is an output. If the event is "when input pin 2 is closed, immediately cause output pin 6 to do something", the output action will not happen! Apparently in the Arduino HS plug-in or the sketch, the system is still busy doing something after sending the pin 2 status change to HS, and doesn't appear to buffer the change output pin 6 command, so the board never gets or executes the output change on pin 6. It appears that if you insert a one second delay between the input and output events, it will work, but the delay could be problematic for some applications requiring an immediate output response. If you need an immediate response to an input change, I found it is better to use separate Arduino boards for input and output functions, which is what I have done for my doorbell function. At least the Arduino Uno boards are cheap enough that this isn't much of an issue. The Flash function is still very unreliable in .141, so I am using this event structure for the flash function; "on a board 1 input change to closed, set an output pin on board two to ON, add a very short wait event for some period of time (like .3 sec), then turn the output pin OFF" This works every time.
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