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getting a servo to work

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  • getting a servo to work

    has anyone been able to get servo's to work with this plug in, i have tried a couple times, and it will rarely move a servo once and i notice the server gets real hot when plugged in for a while

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    Not sure what environment you are using.

    First, I haven't needed to control a servo as of yet. I do have some since I used to be an RC guy. Maybe a use case will turn up.

    When I need to get familiar with a new input or output device, I search on youtube. Lots of good stuff there.

    Here is one:

    Some good google searches can turn up lots of stuff too.

    This one contains some sample code for testing:


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      I have setup Arduino servos before

      I should give more detail, i have setup Arduino items before, with servo's and lots of other components,

      I have already set up the blinds on a nodemcu with wemos code and i can open and close them via Alexa, wished I could get a Homeseer to wemo interface/plugin working as well.

      I am trying to set up now automated blinds with servo's that are connected to my Homeseer that will open and closed based on light, temperature, time of day and of course on command via Alexa.

      But the Arduino plug in is not working for me as it should. I can get a relay to work great with this plugin on the same board, testing the servos via a sweep test is testing fine with just not with Homeseer Arduino plugin.

      next i will just look at my own code to see if i can get it to work with the Homeseer plugin via the API


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        arduino plug in just don't work for me

        I don't know what i am missing here, could not get servo's to work on a uno, used two power supplies, tied grounds together, used a 470uf cap, would not move the servo's, moved the project to a mega 2560 same issue, just no error of out of memory when loading sketch to mega.
        the connect to the mega was via USB

        so i loaded the beta of the plug in changed 1.8.1 loaded sketch no joy still.