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  • Help with first project

    I want to duplicate this water pressure monitoring project - I plan to shut off my pump if pressure drops below 20 pounds.

    I've ordered the sensor and have purchased an Arduino starter kit. I've been going through some tutorials, since I have no prior experience with Arduino. My assumption is that I should have everything working, before moving it to HS. I've progressed to the point of having done enough simple projects and am needing to add libraries.

    I'm running the Windows 10 app and have loaded the zipped libraries through the IDE. In one case, I am adding a library that is part of the kit's tutorial. The library name doesn't not appear in red in the include statement, even when I use select the library from the list. I've checked the location and that seems to be correct (and as stated, I used the IDE to add the library). Been trying to go through the Arduino help files, but not having any luck. Suggestions for what I might be doing wrong?

    In the second case, I downloaded libraries and sample code for a 1-wire temperature device. In this case, the libraries loaded and appear correct in the code, but I'm getting compile errors. They seem to be from the added libraries too.

    In both cases, I have closed the IDE before trying to use the added libraries. Can't help but think I'm making a rookie mistake. Any suggestions of where to look for help also appreciated.


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    Have resolved the 1-Wire library issue, but not the second, so moving on. The 1-wire issue was resolved by deleting the library, since the functions already existed in another library.

    Installing the plug-in later today.