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Water Leak detection using API mode

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    Water Leak detection using API mode

    Just thought i would share my new project - it's a water leak detection system using Arduino with HS integration using Greig's plugin.

    I wrote this in Visual Studio using the Visual Micro Plugin - this is so much better than the horrible default dev tool that comes with an Arduino. You get tool tips, intelisense and full debugging which are a godsend. Video includes some info on using and debugging with visual micro - highly reccomended!

    This project allows you to connect at least 4 "leak ropes" to an Arduino and provide an audible alarm if water is detected on one of the ropes.
    The circuit is a voltage divider with some protection.

    When you first power it up, you need to press the calibrate button - this will write the current analogue readings into Eeprom and will be remembered between reboots.
    From that point, the code just compares the live reading to the baseline reading and and works out the percentage deviation from that value.  

    The rest of the code is the Enigmatheatre API mode code for Homeseer - you can either ignore or remove the code if you are not using HomeSeer - or adapt it to make it transmit data over UDP to your particular app.

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