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Still trying understand HS3 and Arduino plugin.

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  • Still trying understand HS3 and Arduino plugin.

    I am trying to pass two integers (3 and 12) to the Arduino. I have two API Outputs set up in HS3.

    1.) If I set two Global Variables to the two integers, how do I set the API Outputs to the two Globals in HS3? I tried to set the Outputs up as Dimmable to pass the 3 and 12 via Device Management but, I’m not sure that works.
    2.) When I received the two integers via FromHS[0] and FromHS[1], can I just display them in the Serial Monitor with a Serial.print(FromHS[0])?
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    1. I have not used global variables in HS3 so am not 100% how you would do this but I would give it a single line script something like hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(1234, hs.GetVar("the global var"), True)

    2. yes you can just use FromHS[] in your code to get the Value set in HS so your serial print should work fine.

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