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    Originally posted by santoal View Post
    Thanks Greig. I'm glad to hear it's not normal... so something is causing the issue.

    The board is currently being powered by a 7.2V DC power supply as I found a 5V power supply wasn't enough to power the LCD (its drops to 3.4V on the 5V terminals on the board).

    In testing, I've also tried 12V (but gets a little hot as per other posts), USB and POE+ via my Unifi 24 port switch. I currently have the POE disconnected. I find that turning off and on the 7.2V power results in a re-connection with the no POE connection. If I remove the 7.2V and use the POE, then the board still fails to reconnect. Again, if I cycle the POE power from the unifi controller, it will also reconnect.

    I currently have the following devices connected:
    - 16x2 LCD with I2C
    - 8 channel relay board (with only 1 device connected)
    - Genuine ethernet V2 shield

    The devices connected are to and from 12 V relays for door locks and reed switches (dry contacts). I still had the issue when I disconnected the devices.

    Here is the message on the plug-in console when I unplug the ethernet cable:
    Warning = Board: 1 has a connection ERROR. Retrying.
    Warning = Board: 1 has a connection ERROR. Trying Reset.
    Error = Board: 1 Connection FAILED.

    Connecting Board No:1 at ip address Port No:8900
    Com port lost
    Connecting Board No:1 at ip address Port No:8900
    Board 1 Version and Plugin Version are compatible.
    Connected to Board No:1 at ip address Port No:8900
    Updating pins on Board No: 1
    Updating Values on Board No: 1

    I can also ping the board when the ethernet cable is reconnected.

    I can not think of a reason for this to happen other than it being a problem with the V2 shield as I only have V1.
    I see there is a Comport that is lost when you hard reset the board, running the board on USB as well as the psu. Try removing the USB.

    My server can reset without problems and I know others do this to as there was a time when I had to change the code so the board would reconnect.

    How long are you leaving the board after the disconnect as there is a reset timer in there that should restart the board if this times out? Try leaving it longer as I think it is about 3 or 4 min.

    You have a LCD on the board what is it saying as there should be status messages on it. Leave the board until it has displayed the board reset.

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      Thanks Greig.

      No difference with USB disconnected... I even disabled all other COM ports and no change.

      I'm leaving the board disconnected from ethernet until I get the "!CONNECTION Failed" message on the plug-in console. I then plug the ethernet cable back in and nothing happens. I've left it for over 30 minutes with cable plugged back in. The LCD display just shows "Connection Err" - I'm guessing it should show "Connection Error" and "or" is cut off with 16 character display. I don't see "Reset" come up on the LCD either before or after I plug the ethernet cable back in.

      I note that I have to hit "connect" after the power cycle to re-initiate the connection. So I'm guessing it's not detecting the board connection is re-established.


        After lots of troubleshooting, I haven't been able to fix this issue. I do have a work around that may benefit others however

        1) Power Arduino board using PSU (POE disabled and USB disconnected)
        2) Plug PSU in to a z-wave switch and set-up in HS3 using z-wave plug-in
        3) Setup event to monitor state of Arduino board connection. When board becomes disconnected or connection fails, cycle the power to the PSU using z-wave switch and re-initiate a connection

        I have setup a number of events and a counter so that the board attempts to re-connect every minute for 10 minutes. A virtual device "Arduino Auto Connect" enables me to turn off the power cycling after 10 attempts and manually disable if needed.
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