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Arduino unable to reset

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  • Arduino unable to reset

    Hi All,
    Have been upgrading my system sorting out gremlins all is well and very stable.
    Went away for a few days and received an e-mail to say board 1 disconnected, this is normally followed by an e-mail saying board 1 reconnected alas not this time.
    On returning home found this in the log.

    Arduino Plugin. Warning = Unable to connect to Board 1 Com Port No: 14 does not Exist.

    I have two board connected via USB.

    Whilst the cure is to disable and re enable the Com Port locally this is not exactly ideal. I would hopefully like to find a fix that can be run when the above log entry occurs.

    I am currently running of the the plugin and see that in the beta section may well fix this issue so this for me is the next step.

    Just wonder has anybody had issues with this and does it completely disappear with

    Some will say change to an ethernet shield, for me this is not an easy option as both my MEGA's are mounted and wired in a project box and there is not room to mount an ethernet shield on either let alone both.

    One option I have thought of is to run a script to disable and re enable the com port. Is this possible? No expert here so have no idea!


    Edit Now upgraded to Version

    Win 7 Home Premium x64
    Intel Celeron(R) J1900 @ 1.99 GHz
    16 GB RAM
    Homeseer HS3 Pro Registered

    Devices 349
    Events 150

    Active Plugins Arduino BLBackup BlGData BLOccupied BLUPS Mediacontroller RXFCOM SCSIP Ultra1Wire WeatherXML X10 Z-Wave

    Disabled Plugins BLRadar NetCAM UltraCID3 UltraGCIR3

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