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PWM dimming cuasing noticeable flicker

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  • PWM dimming cuasing noticeable flicker


    Just started using the plugin tonight for the first time, and so far I'm really liking it.

    Greig, thank you for making Arduino's actually usable! Your plugin takes away all the hassle and stuffing around typically associated with these boards.

    I'm attempting to get dimming control of some downlights, powered by Meanwell LDD-H series DC-DC drivers, 350mA.

    Officially, the drivers support a 100-1000HZ PWM signal frequency.

    I'm using an "EtherTen" board from, it is supposedly identical to an Arduino Uno with an Ethernet shield attached.

    The dimming works, but there is a noticeable flicker in the light when dimmed to anything less than full. This is present regardless of which PWM pin is used.

    I have a basic controllable PWM IC board that's useful for testing. It allows me to set the duty cycle and frequency on an LCD panel. The flicker is similar to what I see if I set the frequency below 100Hz using this other board, but a little less pronounced.

    I have successfully achieved dimming control of these same drivers/downlights using a Qubino 0-10V Z-Wave module passed through a 0-10V to PWM conversion IC (the converter was ~$3 from ebay). In that case there was/is no discernable flicker. I'd like to get the Arduino fully operational though as it's a much more cost effective solution.

    My very limited understanding of Arduino tells me that the frequency of the PWM pins should be quite high, 31250Hz or 62500Hz depending on the pin.

    Can anyone suggest why I might be seeing this flicker and ways to solve it?

    Thanks for your time.