I have been using Greig's Arduino plugin since it was initially released. My interest waned about 3 months from the initial purchase. In those days the only way to connect the board to the PC was usb. Then along came the ESP8266. This rekindled my interest and I wrote many Arduino sketches using the 8266 and now I use the 8266 exclusively. There have been problems over the years. Modules dropping offline for no apparent reason after weeks of being online. Kind of the last straw was when I wrote a simple sketch that turned a arduino device (light) on or off and it would miss the on/off command about 1 out of 50 times. No much, but irritating. So maybe some of you guys might want the take a look at the MQTT plugin. The learning curve is somewhat steep, but it is worth it. Many benefits over the Arduino plugin. I will stop here, but I could go on about the pluses for this approach. The arduino plugin has served me OK in the past, but, at least for me, it is been passed by the MQTT way of controlling IOT devices. Lastly, there are 2 MQTT plugins. The one that I chose is "mcsMQTT (Michael McSharry)".