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    Originally posted by jhirschhorn View Post
    I thought I'd also give this a try. Also experimenting with a NodeMCU that I just got.

    Followed the instructions in this thread, and things seemed to go smoothly.
    Installed the Arduino IDE, downloaded the libraries, used the link to add the board in board manager, configured the IP and a few pins, downloaded and tried to compile the sketch. I got the same warning message, but I also got the following error about missing avr/pgmspace.h in an include statement. I don't have an avr folder, nor that file anywhere. I used all download links from this thread.

    Any thoughts or help is appreciated.


    I seem to struggle with Arduino and its libraries alot. Try this sketch, it probably doesn't match what you are doing but it does load and work with HS.
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      I'd been experimenting with the RaspberryPi and had great success, but the Arduino is smaller, cheaper, and seemed easier to set up (no OS to load and configure first), so I wanted to explore that option as well.

      Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. Your sketch did compile so I assumed I have my environment set up properly. I then updated it with my WiFi info and saw it connected to HS. I next compared your sketch, and the one generated by my system's plugin, for any differences and tried to legitimize them. I eventually discovered your sketch showed a later version of the plugin, odd since I installed the release version (.131) a couple days ago from the installer. After finally upgrading to the latest beta version (.148) via the updater, I was able to configure, download, compile and then upload to my Arduino board, and now have it connected wirelessly to my HS system. I'm going to leave it as is, flipping a relay every 5 minutes to test its connectivity and reliability for the next few days before I go any further with it.

      Once again thank you for your feedback, and the sample sketch that eventually led me to a working solution.


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        Good deal! you're welcome