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Input Issues - Beta Build

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  • Input Issues - Beta Build

    I am using the beta version of the software because I was unable to get my OneWire device working correctly on the current release. The beta version works great with my OneWire devices but I can only read from the first input I set up. It doesn't seem to be affected by the pin that is set up first. The following pins do not read or will read intermittently. When I add additional output data to the Arduino code to see what values the pins are reading everything comes through fine.

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    Send me a debug log of you connecting to the board and I will see what I can find. Are you using USB by any chance?


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      I am using a USB connection with the board. I ordered an Ethernet shield this morning so I will be able to test with that tomorrow evening. I can grab the error logs this evening and send them your way but if it is a connection specific issue I'll be happy to avoid using USB and stick with Ethernet.

      I did notice some code in the Arduino that was unclear to me. There is a bit, WaitForAck, that is used to delay logic until it receives the ACK from the PC; however, this bit does not ever seem to be set in the code. It uses the comparison operator in locations where I would think it should be setting the value.

      ex. WaitForAck == true;