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Analog TDS and PH Sensor for Arduino

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  • Analog TDS and PH Sensor for Arduino

    Hello All,
    I just got a TDS and PH sensor and i am trying to get it to read the right value and i have not had any success with the TDS sensor. This will be my first time setting up an analog sensor to the Arduino. I do have the Arduino monitoring digital point's right now. I was able to get the PH sensor working by using a sum of "(Value*5/1024)*3.5" but i cant figure out how to make a sum to work on the TDS sensor . There is some code out there but it involves Temp, Coefficient, & analog reference voltage. So i can't see how i can do this all in one sum equation. I am thinking i might have to make a v-point and do some VB code to get this to work. Or use the API to write my own code in the Arduino but i have not done that before. The temp is really not that big of a deal. The water i am using the TDS sensor in is around 55-60 deg F all the time. Please let me know what you guys thing.

    TDS Sensor:

    PH Sensor:

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    Hi...most of the data you need to use when coding for the pH meter you showed is included in the page.
    The sensor range is 0-14PH. Since the sensor works on an analog 5V output, that range is divided on 5V.
    Meaning you can calibrate by multiplying the reading you get from your arduino by the calibration constant, in this case (14/1023) PH/mV.
    so the code would be along the lines of
    where pH is a float variable and the output from the sensor is connected to the Analog 0 port.

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