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  • No inputs in Homeseer


    Till recently I was using a Mega with an ethernet shield without problems to read some inputs.
    I don't know what changed but I lost connection with the board.
    The board is now connecting again (I did put it on a fixed IP address) but HS doesn't read the inputs.
    I downloaded a new sketch from the plugin and it compiles without mistakes (with the latest libraries).
    Hopefully someone can put me in the right direction?

    Plugin V1.0.0.147
    Arduino IDE V1.8.1

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    Did you get it working? The only thing I noticed was that it looks like you are using version 1 Ethernet shield. I believe the official arduino made version 1 Ethernet shields are fine, but most of the clones have issues. I believe the version 2 Ethernet shields generally work better, at least for the clones.


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      Thanks for your response.
      Still not working but I have a spare board laying around I am going to exchange them toe see if this will solve the problem.


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        Finally took the time to take a better look and guess what?
        I did put the connector in the wrong place, instead of pin 22 -52 I connected 23- 53