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    It says free to try but you have to add it to the cart, how does this work, do I pay and have 30 days to change my mind?


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      You do not have to purchase it from the Homeseer store. In the main HS interface click on plugins at the top then click manage. This is where you will get all your plugins from. If you like them you can purchase a license in the store and enter it in the plugin manager to register it.
      For now you just need to click the little yellow arrow next to additional interfaces then analog & digital then tick the plugin checkbox. Scroll back up to additional interfaces and you should see an install button. Click this then at the top of the page slide the red slide to green and this will enable the plugin. Click on the name to enter the plugin config page where you will find a link to the help file.

      Hope this helps you.


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        yes cheers will install now and play tomorrow cheers