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Need help finding the oni file

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  • Need help finding the oni file

    Looks like I need a bale out if you would, I'm installing a Mega 2560 on Windows7, com4, but when I get to the "Open the Arduino software and go to File / Open then select the .ino file you just downloaded." I'm not able to find a file with the .ino extension when I go to "open file" in the Arduino program. I did upload the Blinking.oni and the board is responding, but do not know what the name of the .ino file I need to find. Options I have chosen are com4, Arduino API,Tools Board"ard---2560",Port "com4 mega2560",folder "Arduino Libraries" has sub folder "Libraries" which has five folders(Dallas t,ethernet2-m, liquid2--,Onewire,Softpwm
    When looking at "Sketch" "Show Sketch Folder" Blink.ino
    Thank you

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    If you downloaded from the plugin config page, you might find it in your downloads page. My computer, downloads on the left pane or under C:\users\your-name\downloads.


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      Thank You for your response, I was just coming to update this posting. After reading other post with a recommendation of trying the betta version, I went ahead and changed over and after correcting the extra sub folder "Libraries" and deleting, all is looking much better now.