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PWM Pins Flickering

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  • PWM Pins Flickering

    I tried to run some LED strip lights using the PWM output pins. It works but the light is flickering. It's visible at anything below 100% but becomes pretty bad at lower percentages. Is there a way to increase the frequency to reduce the flickering?

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    See this post I made a while back:

    Basically if you edit the original Arduino sketch and replace softpwmset with analogwrite (calling a different library) you can eliminate the flicker, but:

    You will lose soft on/off
    You will have to connect to hardware PWM pins, you can't use just any pin. There are specific PWM pins depending on your Arduino model.

    There was a note in the plugin beta release notes "fixed PWM"
    I know nothing beyond that but maybe this issue is getting fixed soon.