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One-wire temperature errors with .161

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    One-wire temperature errors with .161

    I recently updated from plugin .147 to .161 and now I get constant random temperature errors on the home page. They were working fine before. I have 5 DS18B20's conected to an arduino mega. At any given time, two or three of the sensors will be reading "error" instead of the temperature. I tried changing from 11 bit resolution to 10 and 12, and I disconnected the sensor with the longest run, and I tried changing resistor values. Anyone have similar issues?

    The reason I updated was to get the new features for the nodeMCU boards, like analog in, one wire, and signal strength info. That is going to be awesome.

    Having the same issue here (also went from 147 to 161). Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.
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      Your post motivated me to try a couple more things. And it is good to know I'm not alone. I tried clicking the box for "Stop creating new one wire devices" and then cycled arduino power off for 20 seconds, to no avail. Then I deleted the one wire pin, cycled power, created the one wire pin, cycled power, and same problem. If you find anything, be sure to post it, and I will do the same. Thanks!




        I downloaded the newest plug-in from the beta page, and updated the arduino sketches, and it seems to be working. The plug-in page and the plug-in say it is v1.0.0.164 but based on Greig's latest post I think it might be v1.0.0.165? Not sure if that matters. Anyway all of my DS18B20 temperature sensors consistently seem to work again. Thank you for fixing it Greig.

        I only have one resistor near the arduino mega, my sensors are a mix of star and daisy chain configuration. Longest run is maybe 40 feet. They are in the basement, kitchen, freezer, garage, outside, and soon the furnace and water heater. Thanks again sir.
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