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Unable to add a second NodeMCU

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    Unable to add a second NodeMCU

    Hi guys,

    Apologies if I'm being stupid but I'm really struggling.

    I have a NodeMCU that I added to the system 3-4 months ago which works perfectly.

    When I look at the plugin settings for it, it shows the device as an Arduino on the dropdown - along with the IP address, the SSID and the password.

    I want to setup another NodeMCU board but when I click on "add board" I get the following:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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ID:	1328348

    I've selected IP but can't for the life of me select NodeMCU as the board type. Without selecting the correct board type, the sketch comes up with errors on upload as the sketch is board dependent. In the sketch it is I can see that a NodeMCU board needs to be selected as a board type 2, however the board type is always set to board type 0. How on earth do I select the board?

    I can't remember having this problem before.

    Is there any chance that someone could whack me round the chops and tell me what I'm doing wrong lol.



    Hi Jay,

    What version of the plugin are you running? can you send me a debug log to look at?

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