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Maximum value in HS3

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    Maximum value in HS3

    I am in the final stages of a water tank level sensor using a Maxbotic sonar sensor and NodeMCU. I am using the NodeMCU API type. I pass from HS3 to the NodeMCU 4 values. the Overall Tank Capacity, the sonar reading when the tank is empty (TankMin) and full (TankMax) and finally the number of minutes between updates to avoid flooding (get it ) HS with data for what is a very slow moving data point. The NodeMCU reads the sonar and then uses the data from HS3 to return three data points. The Raw Sonar reading (for debug mostly) expected range of this is from 25 to 750. The tank water level in % (x100 as an INT) and the calculated Gallons of water. I have two sizes of water tanks. 2500 gallons and 10,000 gallons. I have found that I can not enter a value in HS3 to send to the NodeMCU greater than 1000. To get around this I am representing the water tank capacities and the return values as Value 10. So that a 2500 gallon tank is represented as 250. My question here is if this is a restriction from HS3, the NodeMCU. the PlugIn or am I just doing something wrong?


    OK, very strange. I have just gone back and retested this and now I am not having any problems with numbers up to 10000
    Not sure what is going on but it seems to be working right now.


      I had a look at the code and it is declared as an int so the max value is 32,767

      Give me a shout is it stops working again.

      Zwave = Z-Stick, 3xHSM100� 7xACT ZDM230, 1xEverspring SM103, 2xACT HomePro ZRP210.
      X10 = CM12U, 2xAM12, 1xAW10, 1 x TM13U, 1xMS13, 2xHR10, 2xSS13
      Other Hardware = ADI Ocelot + secu16, Global Cache GC100, RFXtrx433, 3 x Foscams.
      Plugings = RFXcom, ActiveBackup, Applied Digital Ocelot, BLDeviceMatrix, BLGarbage, BLLAN, Current Cost, Global Cache GC100,HSTouch Android, HSTouch Server, HSTouch Server Unlimited, NetCAM, PowerTrigger, SageWebcamXP, SqueezeBox, X10 CM11A/CM12U.
      Scripts =


        I suspect (even though I know better) that I must have had the range set in device Status Graphics page to stop at 1000. If it happens again I will let you know.



          Just thought I would report back on this. I am also building an IOT interface to a flow meter from Transducers Direct. it is a TDFM Series. I am counting pulses that are around 30Hz. for now, I am sending the raw pulse count back to HS and I am using a very simple ISR to add to the pulse total. Two things that might interest people are

          1. I tested by sending pulses (using a Frequency generator) up to 20kHz. After around 8kHz I started to drop pulses in my counting and by 20kHz, I was dropping about 1 pulse every second. There was NO connection issues between the NodeMCU and the Arduino Plugin. I think this is Awesome. BTW the ISR had one line "pulsecount++;" This is FAR beyond my need at around 30Hz but it is nice to know what happens at higher frequencies.

          2. When I stopped the test the NodeMCU the pulse total count was over 13,000,000 so much greater that the 32,768 of an int. The pulsecount var I used was declared as a long.

          Thanks enigmatheatre for an awesome plugin and also great support on this forum !!!!!