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Connection Issues NodeMCU

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    Connection Issues NodeMCU

    Good day Greig,

    I have managed to compile and upload to the board. However, I am having trouble connecting to the unit via HS3. I have attached a copy of the code. Please assist.

    Thank you
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    Hi Riseley,

    I can not see the problem in the sketch so can you do a debug log of you connecting to the board.

    Check your firewall and AV first.
    1. Enable debug logging in the plugin config page
    2. Try to connect to the board.
    3. Leave it 5min to run and try and connect
    4. Disable Debug logging
    5. Click on the link to download the log
    6. Email the log to me ( you will get my address by clicking the EnaigaTheatre at the top of the config page)

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