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    kwmivp I don't see any resistors on those lines. Just 4 wires and only two are used. I will have to check the connections on the other ends by the doors to see if anything has come loose.

    When the anduino plugin sets up the board and you setup the pins it creates the devices in HS.

    Click image for larger version

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      Apparently I don't get notified of mentions.

      Please note that my original posting was for the version of the board that has the Arduino installed as a piggy back board. A new model has it integrated - i have no experience nor know specifically what parts are on that board.

      Most security systems always have a signal going through the wiring (i.e., a voltage controlled by resistor) to detect if the wiring is cut. This means that security wiring for those systems actually have 3 states: no signal (cut), low voltage (all good), high voltage (alarm). Perhaps the board puts the resistor on the board? If so then it means it's not a binary signal but a voltage that needs to be interpreted. The result would be the need to use an Arduino API sketch and write some custom code.

      Again I'm not familiar with the later revisions of the board so this is speculation. If you have one of the original boards then as long as you hooked up the connection correctly (i.e., ground and input signal) to the detection switch it should work. I would suggest you use a continuity tester to validate the wiring going to the doors is working as you expect (i.e., open/close causes the continuity to trigger/open).



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