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Saved me a few thousand

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    Saved me a few thousand

    I have two full time megas at my property (along with a few temporary setups), one in the house and another in my detached shop. They do mostly security related tasks with DSC motion sensors, magnetic door and window sensors, door bell, and lastly a few one wire temperatures sensors. The shop has the ability to open and close (and monitor the status) of all five garage doors with a relay board too.

    My saving grace was setting an event that if any 1 wire device monitored a temperature below 3 degrees Celsius in a particular area of the shop to send me a notification to my phone. I am over 3000 miles away from home and get this notification... A few messages and emails later I have granted friends access to the shop to plug in electric space heaters until the hvac tech can arrive, diagnose, pick up and replace the faulty part during a cold snap of sub -30 deg C weather right now. My shop freezing would have resulted in hundreds of not thousands in losses, so because of HS and this amazing plugin I am totally thankful!

    One and a half more days of sun soaking before I head back into the deep freeze.

    That is an awesome example of the power of a good home automation system, not to mention how easy it is to include all sorts of stuff via this Arduino Plugin