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unable to connect my boards

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    unable to connect my boards

    Hello, for many years i have a homeseer system with arduino-enigmatheatre plug-in V.131 connected with 3 genuine arduino mega boards/Ethernet shield v2 all working flawless

    For a new location i am building a system with a dedicated homeseer-pc (win10) and 2 genuine arduino mega boards/Ethernet shields v2

    When i setup the boards up all goes well, only afterwards the plug-in can not connect to the boards, i can ping the boards address and get a response, also a network IP scan (with Fing network tools) finds the boards, so it seems to me that the boards are correctly connected to the network.

    When i move/setup the same hardware (homeseer-pc and arduino boards) at my location already running a working homeseer system (see above) all goes well and i get a working system in no-time, and the system runs perfectly for many days without a board connection fault.

    I have also tried the beta plug-in version .161, bit this gives no improvement either.

    I think it has something to do with the different networks at the two locations, but i have not a clou what could be the reason and how to investigate and solve this.

    I have little to non knowledge about network infrastructure and hope someone could point me to the direction how to tackle this problem

    Help appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Peet,

    My first thoughts would be to check if your firewall or antivirus is blocking the boards or the Arduino.exe.

    If it is not that then please take a debug log from the new system and send it to me along with the sketch you have uploaded to the board.

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      Hi Greig,

      Thanks for your suggestion, it seems i have two firewalls running, after i installed Kaspersky Internet security (I prefer this one above Defender), it seems Defender firewall was still active.
      For a short test i disabled both firewalls and then both arduino's connected without problems, i wrote a short program to generate I/O changes to see if everything keeps connected overnight.
      I will than look into the firewall (kaspersky, Defender stays deactivated) rules to see which could cause blocking the connection.

      What puzzles me, why the same homeseer-pc with both firewall's active, gives no problem when connected to another local network??, but that's something to look into after everything is running fine and stable

      Another thing, i was looking for plug-in version .131 (the latest regular one?) but i could not find this at the Analog & Digital section, only the beta version .166 could be found in the beta section, luckily this works fine also

      Again, thanks for your help