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How to deal with slow response

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    How to deal with slow response

    I have an Arduino connected, via analog pins, to two Sharp ir distance sensors and one photoresistor. Before connecting them to homeseer/network I could wave my hand in front of one of the sensors and almost immediately turn on an LED strip connected to the board. Now, that I have the board "connected" to HS I find I have to hold my hand in front of the sensor for a long (few seconds) time before the status of the pin is updated in HS. I also want to use the value of the photoresistor to trigger outer events in HS, but I don't need the immediate response that I do from the ir sensors. Is there an easy fix for this? I'm pondering the idea of setting up the board using the API mode. I'm assuming I could modify the sketch to take care of detecting the distance sensors response and turn on the LED strip without using HS (like I did in the past), but I still need to bring back the data from the photoresistor. Any advice is appreciated.

    Sorry I missed this post. You would need to check the set time on the Analog input or as you have suggested creating an API sketch to perform the task required and update HS as you need.
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