I have couple of these Adafruit M0 Feathers with LoRa radios, , working as a remote water meter monitor. I have one of these counting pulses on my water meter. In addition to checking the water meter I also have it monitoring my mailbox through the use of pressure sensors in the bottom of the mailbox. The water meter and mailbox are almost 1 mile away from the house. This unit sends the data to a second unit in my house at a specified preset time interval.

The second identical unit is running in my house collecting the data from the remote unit. It then displays the received data on a small 4 line LED display. All that works pretty well ( I am still in the testing phase).

So my question is, is the M0 Feather compatible with your plugin?

It dawned on me that interfacing to HS would be much better than just displaying the data on an LED display. I thought about adding MQTT to the M0 feather at home to communicate with mcsMQTT already running on my HS3 installation. I am not sure the additional code will fit on the feather but I haven't even tried that yet.

I have been using this plugin to run 6 NodeMCU boards, in non-API mode, around the house so I am somewhat familiar with your plugin.