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Onewire DS18B20 and Arduino plugin

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    Originally posted by Stcutter View Post
    Hi Grieg,

    I tried the beta V1.0.0.100, but unfortunately it does not run on my machine. (Windows 10 Home V1511 x64). I get the following error message: WARNING: Failed getting InterfaceStatus from Arduino Plugin - the interface was not found in the list of active interfaces, the list may need to be refreshed.

    Then, the HS3 does not start anymore. It was necessary to re-install the program.

    It has to be something with the permissions on your machine. This post explains how HomeSeer likes to set permissions as well as the more correct way by Microsoft best practices. Either will work.

    If HS3 refuses to start after installation of a plug-in, just move, rename or delete the executable. For Arduino it is in the HS3 root directory and is named HSPI_Arduino.exe

    I have been running the Arduino plug-in under windows 10 (x64) since - including and now I just installed a trial version on a friends machine and my brother is using it as well. There have been no issues whatsoever.

    Make sure your UAC is set to minimum as that can cause executables to fail.

    You can also enable developer mode as shown in the first screenshot, it is at the top of the plug-in management page. Each of your executables will open a fresh command window on the host machine allowing you to see what happens when the plug-in is started. It will litter the desktop with command windows, but it will show you what is happening as they each initialize. Be sure and disable it again after you have looked.
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