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    Anybody? I'm trying but without an example to begin I'm not able.
    Pratically I'd like to set outputs on API.ino and manage them by events...
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      Originally posted by Rinpe View Post
      With Greig help I understand better how input pin on API mode works. There are some little things to refine but a bit 'at a time.

      Now I'm thinking to understand output pin. In the sketch I set for example pinMode(pin2, OUTPUT); and I thought it was enough. I also thought that in the home (device list) of HS when I push "off" or "full" button of the output, something changing...but it isn't.
      In which way I can associate pin output to relative device in the HS?
      I think there is something I miss, probably what is written in the .ino
      " To Recieve data from Homeseer look up the FromHS array that is updated when the device value changes.
      Eg.. FromHS[5] would be the data from API Output device 5"
      But I don't understand....Can anybody give me an example please?

      Thanks in advance.

      Yes you need more in the API.ino. Homeseer updates the FromHS[] array with the values you require so to use them you need to look at the array so for a pin as output you would need

      int pin2 = 2;

      pinMode(pin2, OUTPUT);

      then digitalWrite(pin2, FromHS[1]);

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